Equipments for flyball tournaments
What is flyball?
Flyball is sport and entertainment for all temperament dogs. Two teams with four members each competes on two equal flyball courses. Both courses are made by four equal jump hurdles and flyball box shooting off the ball.
On the dog handlers command (who stays behind the start/stop line) dog runs off to the course, runs over four hurdles, jumps to the boxes desk, which shoots the ball, catches it and fetches it jumping the hurdles back to dog handler. Next dog runs through the course in the moment first dog runs through the start line. Team which have all four dogs (and balls) back in the starting position, wins.
Team cooperation and relative toleration between the dogs is crucial in flyball. The dogs are alternating on start/stop line and in optimal case are passing by muffles and can’t attack each other. The game is nothing for jealous ones, which are unable to withstand moment, other dog with ball is coming... You can win or lose on proper passing by.

What is needed to organize flyball tournament?
Apart of having enough of teams, you need jump hurdles for both teams and both teams must come with its own box. Professional dogs’ teams are passing by on start/stop line so close, imperfect instrument as a human’s eye  is unable to make out passing by was in accord to rules or not.
That’s why the electronic judgement system (EJS) was constructed to judge dogs’ passing by, measuring the teams’ times and help better tournament organization.